Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So, I test software for a living. My employer is a small-medium sized business that produces software for other businesses. I'm not planning to get more specific than that because I'm going to be describing the work in my inimitable fashion - which means people could get offended.

Everything I say will be as truthful as I can make it, given that I'm going to be munging anything I think might identify individuals or my employer.

The cast:
Da Boss - department manager. Very good at working with programmers, hasn't had to deal with a QA team from the inside before. He's learning. No-one's enjoying it.

The Me - experienced QA/tester with sidelines in just about everything, including programming. I prefer testing. Got dragged into office politics because I was too dumb to avoid it.

Ms Quiet - very experienced QA/tester, prefers to keep head down and avoid anything resembling office politics.

Testeriffic - very experienced QA/tester, particularly good at manual testing

Duude - laid back QA/tester, rarely seen actually working but the work gets done. It's a mystery.

Himself - highly experienced QA/tester who hasn't really settled in yet.

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